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Colon Polyps, E Zhu and San Leng

Colon Polyps, E Zhu and San Leng

Colon polyps are abnormal growths in the colon that may or may not eventually develop into cancer. For the majority of patients, colon polyps are benign and cause no symptoms, but your physician will likely recommend a biopsy to verify this.

In Chinese medicine, colon polyps may be a sign of a larger issue with the body’s blood flow and Qi.

Blood, Qi and Colon Polyps

Chinese medicine places emphasis on healthy blood and Qi flow. Qi is the body’s essential life energy that supports organ function.

For many reasons, people may occasionally experience reduced blood or Qi flow, sometimes referred to as a blockage. If this blockage lasts long enough, it can result in accumulations that lead to growths, such as colon polyps.

The goal of treatment is to restore proper blood and Qi flow, as this will provide better nourishment to the colon and help prevent unchecked growths.

How E Zhu and San Leng are Used to Help with Colon Polyps

Two herbs are frequently used in combination to treat colon polyps – E Zhu and San Leng. While most Chinese herbs tend to either move the Qi or blood alone, both of these herbs promote better blood and Qi movement. They also both target the liver and spleen.

E Zhu and San Leng are strong herbs that are effective at breaking up accumulations in the abdomen, so they’re used for GI and gynecological conditions. But because they are strong herbs, they must be properly dosed and balanced out by an experienced practitioner. Further, an experienced practitioner will consider the patient’s whole-body health before prescribing certain herbs for colon polyps, or any other condition.

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