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How Fu Zi and Gan Jian Can Help If You're Always Feeling Cold

How Fu Zi and Gan Jian Can Help If You’re Always Feeling Cold

Some people have trouble staying warm, even when their core temperature reads normally. Patients that feel a chill in their interior or extremities cannot be easily explained by western medicine, but Chinese medicine considers this to be a sign of a Yang deficiency. Anyone that suffers with consistently feeling cold may benefit from Fu Zi and Gan Jian.

Yang Deficiency and Feeling Cold

An important concept in Chinese medicine is the balance between Yin and Yang. These two energies rely on and contain each other, so when one is deficient, the other is also out of balance.

The Yang is associated with motion and heat. It’s the part of the Yin, Yang duality that surges during the day and keeps energy levels up. The Yin, in contrast, represents stillness, calmness and coolness.

Various conditions and activities can deplete the Yang, leaving the body without the energy it needs to keep the cold away.

How Fu Zi and Gan Jian Can Help Drive Out the Cold

Chinese medicine practitioners aim to fortify the patient’s Yang and bring it back into balance with Yin. Two herbs typically used for this purpose are Fu Zi and Gan Jian. Both are hot herbs that raise Yang energy when taken. Gan Jiang is unusual in that it enters all the body’s channels – heart, lung, spleen, stomach, kidneys and large intestine. Fu Zi accesses the kidney, heart, and spleen, where it can reverse Yang deficiency in all three organs.

Though both herbs are effective for treating Yang deficiency, they can damage the Yin if not properly prescribed and dosed. In fact, these herbs may be toxic at excessive doses. As such, it’s essential that patients seek out an experienced practitioner before considering any Chinese medicinal herbs. During examination, your practitioner will assess your health and develop a custom plan for your chills, ensuring safe, effective treatment.

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