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Atherosclerosis and Hong Hua

Atherosclerosis (coronary heart disease) is characterized by plaque formation on the artery and vessel walls and is a common condition that affects millions of Americans every year. Atherosclerosis is a major risk factor for heart attacks and stroke, and both are responsible for nearly a million deaths in the U.S. every year. Thankfully, Chinese herbs […]

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Premature Gray Hair and Han Lian Cao

Premature gray hair isn’t considered a health concern in western medicine, but Chinese medicine practitioners have a different perspective. In fact, practitioners consider premature gray hair to be a treatable condition – with herbs like Han Lian Cao.   What is considered premature gray hair? Premature gray hair refers to graying that occurs 10-15 years

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Dry Eyes and Nu Zhen Zi

Dry eye disease is an extremely common condition worldwide, affecting up to 50 percent of all adults at some point. Though cases range in severity, some people are bothered by their dry eyes to the point where they seek treatment, including Chinese medicinal herbs like Nu Zhen Zi. What Causes Dry Eyes? Western medicine observes

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ESRD Joint Pain and Han Fang Ji

End-stage renal disease (ESRD) and joint pain are linked, as one of the many complications of late kidney failure is persistent joint pain that can adversely affect quality of life. This joint pain is often overlooked, as there may be other, more pressing ESRD complications for physicians to consider. In patients with ESRD-caused joint pain,

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Rhomboid Muscle Pain and Qin Jiao

Rhomboid muscle pain is a common form of back pain that occurs in the rhomboid muscle – located in the upper central back and connecting the scapula to the spinal column. From a western medicine standpoint, there are many types of injury and overexertion that can cause rhomboid muscle pain. Chinese medicine practitioners also note

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Can Acupuncture Help with Arthritis Pain

Medical research and patient case studies show that acupuncture can help with arthritis pain. Though research into acupuncture treatment and its effects on arthritis is still developing, researchers believe the practice may help by doing the following: Blocking or confusing pain signals Reducing inflammation Improving circulation Reducing stress and anxiety associated with pain Acupuncture treatments

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Neuropathy and Hai Tong Pi

In Chinese medicine, neuropathy is a result of excess wind or dampness, which are common pathologies that can cause a variety of health conditions, according to practitioners. Chinese medicine recommends certain herbs to resolve neuropathy, including Hai Tong Pi. Specifically, Hai Tong Pi is recommended for lower body neuropathy. An important consideration for Chinese medicine

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Lactation and Wang Bu Liu Xing

For breastfeeding women that have chronic low milk supply (CLMS), western medicine offers few treatment options to improve lactation. Regular breastfeeding and pumping can stimulate milk supply and help to an extent, but Chinese medicine can also provide potential treatment options. Wang Bu Liu Xing is one such option for women experiencing CLMS. Wang Bu

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Kidney Stones and Hai Jin Sha

In Chinese medicine, kidney stones are a well-studied condition that can have one of several causes. As such, the first step for a physician is to differentiate the cause of the kidney stones so it can be properly treated. Among Chinese practitioners, a common treatment option for kidney stones is herbal therapy. Hai Jin Sha,

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Natural Treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

Natural Treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

Chinese medicine practitioners can provide several natural treatment options to hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) patients, including: Acupuncture Herbal therapy Dietary modification Help with smoking cessation or weight loss HS is a painful condition that can significantly reduce quality of life, but there are few proven treatments that can address the condition. Typically, a combination of skin

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