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Houston Acupuncture Services For Pulmonary And Respiratory Health
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A Blend Of Western And Eastern Medical Practices To Improve Pulmonary And Respiratory Health

The pulmonary and respiratory systems are responsible for intaking air and ensuring our tissues have enough oxygen to work with. If they develop weakness or disease, the entire body can be affected as a result.

As we age, the likelihood that we’ll develop pulmonary conditions increases. One such disease is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which about 16 million Americans live with. This is just one example among many, but whether you’re experiencing COPD or another pulmonary disorder, there may be treatment options you haven’t considered.

For example, many patients are looking to eastern medicine for treatment options in Houston, like acupuncture services. Incorporating eastern medical practices into a western treatment regimen, like drug therapy, can help patients achieve better results than they would with drug therapy alone. That’s what our practice specializes in.

How Western And Eastern Medicine Combine For Better Respiratory Health

Blending eastern and western medical philosophies isn’t new and it isn’t confined to just respiratory and pulmonary health. Today, some of the most popular eastern medical practices, including acupuncture and herbal therapy, are used as an adjunct treatment option with standard western therapies.

Why is eastern medicine on the rise in the west? Because it’s an excellent complement to western medical philosophies. Here’s why:

Eastern medicine takes a holistic approach to treatment

Eastern medicine considers the body as a single system as opposed to compartmentalized organs and organ groups. This bigger picture approach can help practitioners identify how various health conditions are affecting the body as a whole. This allows practitioners to develop additional treatment options in reducing the impact of illness.

Eastern medicine prioritizes disease prevention and health support

With its whole-body approach, eastern medicine practices focus on supporting the patient’s whole-body health. This philosophy is grounded in preventing illnesses and keeping the patient’s health in balance, rather than reacting to symptoms and disease as they emerge.

This is not to minimize the incredible benefits of western medicine. Western drug therapies and precise diagnostic methods have helped millions. That’s why our practice combines the two for optimal patient outcomes. There’s value in both schools of medical thought.

Acupuncture Has Proven Benefits For The Pulmonary System

One of the most popular eastern treatment methods is acupuncture. Practitioners have relied on it for thousands of years, and a mountain of research has demonstrated its promise in a variety of conditions. This includes pulmonary and respiratory conditions. When incorporated into western treatment regimens, acupuncture can improve patient outcomes, including quality of life, pain reduction, and cardiovascular health.

What Pulmonary And Respiratory Conditions Can Acupuncture Be Used With?

There are several pulmonary and respiratory conditions that respond well to acupuncture treatment, including chronic conditions that can have significant impacts on quality of life. Those conditions include:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

Acupuncture is rapidly becoming a popular option for COPD patients, as research has shown that it can reduce a variety of COPD symptoms. In a 2021 meta-analysis that surveyed more than 1,500 COPD patients, researchers found that acupuncture could improve overall quality of life and exercise tolerance. The improvement in exercise tolerance was related to enhanced intake of air, suggesting that those who received acupuncture may have improved lung function to a degree.

Sleep Apnea

Acupuncture has also shown potential benefits for people with sleep apnea, which can cause worsening health problems if not addressed. In a 2020 meta-analysis that considered 584 patients, acupuncture reduced AHI (apnea-hypopnea index) scores and ESS scores (Epworth sleepiness scale). This shows that acupuncture could help people experience fewer sleep apnea-related episodes every night and remain in deeper sleep longer.

Lung Cancer

Acupuncture is frequently used to treat pain, and its use has been studied in people suffering from lung cancer, a frequently painful form of the disease.
One longitudinal study, published in 2013, considered 33 lung cancer patients (30 with non-small cell lung cancer and 3 with small-cell lung cancer) and found acupuncture produced significant reductions in lung cancer-related pain and nausea.

Tobacco and Smoking Addiction

People have used acupuncture to help with smoking cessation for a long time, and research now shows that the treatment can, in fact, help.
A 2019 meta-analysis that looked at nearly 4,000 patients found that acupuncture was more effective than no intervention regarding short and long-term smoking cessation. Incorporating acupuncture into western-aligned treatments improved outcomes than either acupuncture or western interventions alone could provide.

In addition to the above, acupuncture can help with general pain relief, which is a common symptom of many pulmonary conditions. For example, pain associated with bronchitis, emphysema and pleuritis can all be reduced with the help of acupuncture.

Our Practice Is Certified To Offer Both Western And Eastern Medical Treatments, Including Acupuncture

Houston Acupuncture is one of the few practices in Houston certified to provide eastern and western therapies. We’re board certified in family medicine and have been for a decade. We’re also a licensed Houston acupuncturist provider, so we can perform acupuncture treatment safely and reliably.

If you’re managing a pulmonary or respiratory condition, you may have chronic symptoms that aren’t completely alleviated by your current treatment. If so, it’s worth considering whether a blend of western and eastern practices can help you. Our Houston practice can help you review your treatment options and determine how to ease your symptoms.

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