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Essential Tremors and Chan Tui

Essential tremors are characterized by a slight shaking in the hands, usually when using the hands to do something specific and precise. It’s rare for essential tremors to be associated with significant neurological problems and the underlying cause is typically unknown.

Tremors may become worse during periods of stress or after consuming caffeine or alcohol. Western medicine doesn’t have a detailed idea of what’s behind essential tremors, however, Chinese medicine practitioners have theories and treatment options. One such option is herbal therapy, and specifically a formula known as Chan Tui.

Essential Tremors: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

In Chinese medicine, how energy flows through the body is a critical concept from a pathology and treatment standpoint. Chinese medicine asserts that all living things are governed by fundamental energies, referred to as Qi, Yin and Yang. The balance between Yin and Yang energy is particularly important, as any imbalance here can result in health problems.

In the case of essential tremors, Chinese medicine practitioners typically attribute the condition to problems with the liver – specifically, an excess of Yang energy. The goal of treatment, then, is to regulate the liver and bring Yang energy back into balance. 

How Chan Tui Can Help with Essential Tremors

One way practitioners do this is with Chan Tui, which isn’t a true herb. That’s because it’s made up of cicada exfoliations. When taken, Chan Tui has a cooling effect that acts on the liver, helping remove the excess heat and wind that can cause tremors.

Further, Chan Tui is effective in a variety of lung and skin-related conditions, making it a versatile treatment option for many health problems. It shouldn’t be taken without a physician’s guidance, though, as overdosing may result in adverse effects. An experienced Houston Chinese medicine practitioner can recommend the ideal dosing for their patients and ensure the “herbal” mixture is properly administered. 

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