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Oligospermia and Yi Zhi Ren

Oligospermia is the medical term for a low sperm count. It’s typically identified during a fertility screening – specifically, by analyzing the patient’s sperm sample. The threshold for oligospermia is 15 million sperm per milliliter of sample. Any count under this number qualifies for diagnosis.

Treating low sperm count can be a challenge, as there are numerous potential causes. However, in Chinese medicine fortifying the kidneys is the focus of treatment. One way Houston practitioners help fortify the kidneys is with beneficial herbs like Yi Zhi Ren.

Causes of Oligospermia: A Western and Chinese Medicine Perspective

In western medicine, there are a large number of factors associated with oligospermia. It could be due to a medical condition or disease, such as varicocele, tubule defects, tumors, hormonal imbalances, chromosomal defects, celiac disease, and infections. Previous surgeries, certain medications and drug/alcohol use are all linked to low sperm count as well. Environmental toxins and stress are also risk factors. Given the number of potential causes, it can be difficult to treat oligospermia, though some causes can be reversed. Varicocele is the most common reversible form of the condition.

Chinese medicine considers sperm quality and testicular health to be closely tied to kidney health. Practitioners assert that the body is an interconnected network of organ systems. If one system declines in performance, it can adversely affect other organs.

In Chinese medicine, poor kidney health can damage sperm quality and quantity. As such, practitioners will consider any potential kidney-related symptoms when treating low sperm count.

How Chinese Medicine Helps with Oligospermia

In Chinese medicine, Houston practitioners resolve many medical conditions by identifying which organs are experiencing dysfunction and fortifying them. In practice, this means tonifying or balancing the kidney’s essential life energies – the kidney yin, yang, and Qi.

Yi Zhi Ren (black cardamom) is an herb used to tonify the kidney yang and essence, both of which are essential for good sperm health and function. It’s been used in this way for centuries and remains a popular option for modern practitioners in an effort to help those with oligospermia.

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