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Restarting Your Failed Resolution

Restarting Your Failed Resolution

Every year, 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. And by February of every year, 80 percent of those people abandon their resolutions.
It’s tough sticking to resolutions, but you don’t have to wait until next year to try again. For many people, it’s just a matter of support.
Acupuncture can offer that support if you’re looking to restart your resolutions.

For example, acupuncture can help with:

  • Getting more exercise
  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking or alcohol
  • Reducing stress and supporting mental health
  • Improving your emotional state and close relationships

Acupuncture is effective in so many areas because it has a whole-body approach to health. The goal is to restore balance so your body and mind function better. With a better foundation in place, success with any big goals will be easier to achieve.

Want to Exercise More? Acupuncture Can Help with Recovery

More than half of resolution makers say they want to exercise more. To make this resolution work, discipline and routine are required. So is the ability to bounce back from training.

Acupuncture is ideal for recovery because it’s a proven pain reliever. A mountain of medical research backs this up, and treatment is effective with both joint and muscle pain. If soreness is keeping you out of the gym, acupuncture is one way to minimize it.

There’s also the mental side of exercise, and acupuncture can also help with this. Many use acupuncture to build a positive routine into their lives. This health-promoting routine can keep you on track with your other health-related goals.

Want to Lose Weight? Acupuncture Can Promote Better Eating Habits

Acupuncture’s positive impact on health extends to weight management. Exercise can help with shedding pounds, and we’ve addressed how acupuncture can help with that.

It also helps weight loss efforts by:

  • Reducing GI inflammation and improving digestion
  • Reducing the intensity of food cravings and promoting a better diet
  • Supporting a health-first mindset
  • Balancing hormones that may be causing weight gain or retention

While everyone’s weight loss journey is different, acupuncture can help many along the way.

Want to Quit Smoking? Acupuncture is a Proven Support Option

More than 30 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, and 70 percent of them want to quit. For those people, acupuncture is proven to help with smoking cessation.

The relationship between acupuncture and smoking is interesting. Case studies show that there are a couple of acupuncture points – one in the ear and one close to the wrist – that are particularly effective for smoking cessation. Patients report tasting tobacco differently, to the point where quitting was easier.

Smoking cessation comes with significant anxiety and irritability. These unpleasant withdrawal effects are what push many people back to smoking. Acupuncture’s calming effects can help smokers boost their mood and prevent doubt or frustration from interfering with cessation.

Want to Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health? Acupuncture Promotes Overall Well-being

Stress is something we all deal with to an extent, but some of us have a debilitating amount to handle. Long-term stress can add up to major health problems, including chronic health issues that are difficult to manage once they emerge. Medical research is clear that chronic stress suppresses immune system activity and leaves us vulnerable to illness and infection. Constant stress is also a drag on mental health, which can be serious for people battling anxiety or depression.

Acupuncture’s mood-lifting and stress-reducing benefits are well-documented. These benefits, in part, are due to the release of endorphins and other biochemicals that improve mental state. If stress reduction is your New Year’s resolution, acupuncture can help get it under control.

Want to Improve Relationships with Loved Ones? Acupuncture Can Help with an Optimal Mental State

Many of us want to connect with friends and family better during the new year. For busy Americans, though, modern living can get in the way. Many of us are depleted by work, school, and other obligations, making it difficult to find time and energy for others.

Acupuncture’s calming effects can help people shed their negative emotions and open up to better connections with loved ones. In this way, acupuncture readies the mind for positive contact with others.

Want to Enjoy Life More? Acupuncture Can Fit in Any Healthy Routine

Most of us consider the new year to be a new opportunity for better living. If your resolution is to get more from life and from your health, acupuncture is worth considering for your routine. The upsides include better mood, more energy, less pain, and less anxiety.

Even better, acupuncture can provide these benefits with minimal risk. It’s safe for almost all patients, regardless of age. Potential complications are minor, with minor bleeding and bruising being the most common adverse effects. With little downside risk, acupuncture can be tried without fear.

Ready to Restart Your Failed New Year’s Resolutions? Houston Acupuncture Can Support Your 2023 Goals

January is fading fast, but there’s 11 more months to put good habits in place. A licensed Houston acupuncturist can get you back on track and improve your chances of tackling those 2023 resolutions, whether you want to quit smoking, exercise more, lose weight, improve your mental health, or simply attain a better overall quality of life.

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