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Frequent Colds and Allergies and Yu Ping Feng San

Frequent Colds and Allergies and Yu Ping Feng San

Some people seem to never get over a cold or their allergies. They may experience a constant runny nose, a persistent cough, or recurrent respiratory infections. Whatever the underlying reason, western medicine doesn’t have a clear explanation for why some people seem more susceptible to colds and allergies than others.

Chinese medicine asserts that weakness, particularly in the lungs and exterior (skin), is preventing the body from adequately protecting itself from pathogens or allergens. The result is recurring cold-like symptoms.

Practitioners treat this condition with a combination of herbs collectively known as Yu Ping Feng San. This combination of herbs is made up of three botanicals – Huang Qi, Bai Zhu and Fang Feng. Each one plays a different role in resolving frequent colds and allergies. Here is a closer look at each herb and how it helps:

Huang Qi Supports the Lungs

Huang Qi is one of Chinese medicine’s most important herbs, as it’s used to fortify the body’s Qi – the essential life energy that drives the body’s functions. Specifically, it is used to fortify the lung Qi, which improves the lungs’ vitality and performance. This is important for recurring colds because the lungs are believed to control the body’s exterior. If the lungs are functioning well, they can better expel pathogens that enter the lungs and through the skin’s pores.

Bai Zhu Supports the Spleen

Bai Zhu is another herb that fortifies the Qi, but it targets the spleen instead of the lungs. In Chinese medicine, the spleen is partly responsible for relaying nutrients from food to the lungs and heart. If the spleen is too weak to do this efficiently, it can leave the lungs in a weakened state. Bai Zhu fortifies the spleen in the same way Huang Qi fortifies the lungs, providing additional support for the exterior.

Fang Feng Expels External Wind 

Fang Feng takes a more active approach to combating recurring colds. It’s used to expel external wind – a pathogen in Chinese medicine. External wind, which may carry pathogens into the body, disturbs the body’s internal state and can cause cold-like symptoms in the process. Fang Feng protects the exterior from this pathogenic response by expelling wind.

Yu Ping Feng San is a popular and effective option for frequent colds and allergies. But like with any Chinese herbal formula, it should only be prescribed and dosed by an experienced practitioner.

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