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Kidney Stones and Hai Jin Sha

In Chinese medicine, kidney stones are a well-studied condition that can have one of several causes. As such, the first step for a physician is to differentiate the cause of the kidney stones so it can be properly treated.

Among Chinese practitioners, a common treatment option for kidney stones is herbal therapy. Hai Jin Sha, in particular, is a proven botanical for urinary issues and can also help with kidney stones.

What Causes Kidney Stones in Chinese Medicine? 

Chinese medicine practitioners may attribute kidney stones to one of several reasons. Your practitioner will work to differentiate the exact cause behind your kidney stones, but there’s a good chance that the small intestine and bladder are involved.

In Chinese medicine, the small intestine partners with the bladder to process fluids before they are removed from the body. Specifically, the small intestine is responsible for separating the turbid – or waste – fluid from the clear fluids. It then works to descend the turbid fluids to other organs, including the bladder, so they are efficiently removed.

If there is weakness in the small intestine or bladder, this process may not function properly. For example, excessive heat or dampness can disrupt either organ if left untreated.

How Hai Jin Sha Can Help with Kidney Stones

Hai Jin Sha is a popular herbal option for treating kidney stones, as it targets the organs and pathologies involved in the condition. It’s a cold herb that Is harvested as spores from a certain type of lead, so it takes a lot of raw material to create enough Hai Jin Sha for treatment.

As the herb enters the small intestine and bladder, they work to clear out heat and dampness from both organs. This can support better performance and balance from both organs, facilitating more efficient, more effective fluid removal that can help prevent kidney stones in the first place.

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