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Premature Gray Hair and Han Lian Cao

Premature gray hair isn’t considered a health concern in western medicine, but Chinese medicine practitioners have a different perspective. In fact, practitioners consider premature gray hair to be a treatable condition – with herbs like Han Lian Cao.


What is considered premature gray hair?

Premature gray hair refers to graying that occurs 10-15 years sooner than is typical, largely depending on the patient’s race. In Caucasians, for example, it’s typical for gray hair to start appearing during their mid-30s. A Caucasian who is going gray by age 20 is experiencing premature gray hair.

In western medicine, there isn’t a clear understanding of why some people’s hair turns gray early. It likely has a major genetic component, though vitamin deficiencies (B-12, specifically) can also cause premature gray hair.

Chinese medicine practitioners consider premature gray hair to be a sign of yin deficiency. Yin is the life-giving, substantive form of energy that supports the organs and blood. With age, Yin energy tends to deplete, which can lead to various conditions, including premature graying.

How can Han Lian Cao help with premature gray hair? 

Han Lian Cao is a slightly cool herb that is used in a variety of conditions, including blurred vision, vertigo, dizziness and bleeding issues.

It is also used in herbal formulations designed to improve premature gray hair. When administered, Han Lian Cao enters the kidney and liver channels, both of which run the length of the body. Once it reaches its target, Han Lian Cao tonifies Yin energy, attacking the root cause behind premature graying. Given the nature of hair growth, it can take a while for results to emerge, but proper dosing through a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner will bring Yin energy levels back up and naturally darken the hair.

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